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The Kiel Canal

The Kiel Canal has a length of 99 Kilometres and runs through the middle of Schleswig-Holstein. He connects the North Sea (Elbe estuary) to the Baltic Sea (Kieler Förde).

The canal is 11 m deep with a width of between 102 and 162 m at the surface and 44 and 90 m at the bed, respectively.

Being the most frequented artificial waterways in the world, the canal is of enormous importance for shipping. In 2011, 33,522 vessels have made the passage.

Two Lockages are located at the canal:

  • Brunsbüttel at the Elbe River (at km 0.68)
  • Kiel-Holtenau (at km 98.64)

Each lockage consist of one small and one big double lock.

Ten Bridges cross the canal, of which four are for railroad tracks. Also, since 1962 Rendsburg has a road tunnel as well as a pedestrian underpass. The most renown canal crossing, however, is the famous Rendsburg railway bridge which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2013. Attached to it is the historic transporter bridge, one of only seven similar constructions on the globe.